Become a Member

Credit Union members are both customers and owners.

As a customer, you receive the financial services you need and as an owner, you enjoy a return on your share investment in the form of competitive rates, value costs for premium service, and local control of your own financial institution. As an owner you are able to influence the progress of your business most specifically because the volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Public Service Credit Union offers all the financial services you’ll need to enable financial success. As a requirement for membership, all members are required to maintain 20 shares at a par value of $5.00 each. For further information about how Public Service Credit Union can help you attain financial success, please contact us.

Choose a financial institution where the very ownership is designed to focus on, and be sensitive to, your needs.

Who can become a Member?

Public Service Credit Union membership is open to all residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Refer a friend or family member to open a new membership & you will receive $20 for each approved membership.

The new member receives Your Chequing Unlimited or Savings service charge free, for a three (3) month period from date of membership.

How to Enter:

Complete the information and give the ballot to someone interested in becoming an owner with PSCU.