Membership Scholarship

PSCU Membership Scholarship

The PSCU is pleased to support and encourage post-secondary education by offering an annual scholarship. Through this program, the PSCU aims to promote and recognize the qualities of good citizenship and co-operativeness.

The successful applicant will receive a $1,000 Scholarship.

Applicants are required to complete all sections of the attached application and submit the following information:

  • A brief essay, 300 words minimum 500 words maximum,
  • Two letters of recommendation, from the following sources: teacher or counselor; School Principal; community member (for example: employer, physician, member of religious community); or family friend,
  • Letter of Proof of Enrollment from an accredited post-secondary educational institution that is recognized under the federal RESP program, and transcript of previous year’s final grades from your high school years or post-secondary institute.
  • Extracurricular Activities Both School and Community related.

Who Qualifies

  • You must be accepted and registered for a recognized post-secondary program of not less than one year duration or be currently enrolled in a post-secondary program of not less than one year and in full time attendance. Part time attendance may be accepted on a case by case basis.
  • The post-secondary program must qualify under the Federal RESP program.
  • You must be a member of the PSCU or a child or grandchild of a member of PSCU. The member must be in good standing and have been a member for at least a year prior to application being submitted.
  • Children and grandchildren of PSCU Employees, Directors and Committee members.
  • Winners from prior years may reapply but must complete a new application.


Applications must be received no later than August 30, 2021.

  • Note that incomplete applications will be returned.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used in the selection process:

  • Essay - In a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 500 words addressing the following three questions:
    • How can I promote positive change in my community?
    • What issue are you passionate about in your community?
    • How can your credit union help you in your quest to build a better Newfoundland and Labrador?
  • Extra-curricular activities both school and community service. Please describe your extracurricular activity both school related and community service involvements and why is the activity important to you. How has it affected you and/or members in your community?
  • Letters of Recommendation- Two from the following sources: teacher, school counselor or principal, coach, employer, community member,
  • Academic Achievement - Marks and Awards
PSCU Membership Scholarship

Co-operators Insurance Scholarship ($1,000)

Co-operators Scholarship ($1,000)

Congratulations to Jenna Keats, recipient of the $1,000 Co-operators Insurance Scholarship. Jenna is a 1st year student at Memorial University. PSCU is pleased to partner with Co-operators Insurance in awarding this scholarship.

Public Service Credit Union Scholarship ($1,000)

Public Service Credit Union Scholarship ($1,000)

Congratulations to Lauren McGrath, recipient of the $1,000 Public Service Credit Union Scholarship. Lauren is a student at Memorial University of NL and is the winner of the award that was selected by a Committee of the Board. The PSCU scholarship was created in 2019 and will be an annual scholarship offered by PSCU in August each year. Lauren is the recipient of the 2021 and the 2019 PSCU Scholarship,