Banking On Your Time

Banking On Your Time

Freedom is just an app away. Free yourself. Download our app and start banking on your time. - learn More.

Freedom is banking on your time.

Free Yourself. Imagine sitting with a thermos of piping hot chocolate while watching your kids play hockey outside on the frozen pond. Imagine sitting seaside listening to the symphony of waves crashing at the coastline. Imagine walking lazily down a quiet path listening to the leaves crinkle underfoot at each step.

What could banking on your time mean for you? For us, it’s about ensuring you have more time to enjoy life’s moments. What those moments are and what freedom represents for you is as unique as you are.

That’s the kind of convenience offered by our mobile banking app.We offer a complete mobile and online banking experience. At Public Service Credit Union we want to ensure our members bank on their time, however they like.

Benefits of the mobile banking app at a glance:

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Free to download
  • Easy to use


How to Get Started:

  1. To use the Public Service Credit Union Mobile App you must be registered for Online Banking. If you haven't already registered for Online Banking contact us to sign-up.
  2. Once you're signed up for Online Banking you can download the app from iTunes or Google Play and you're done.
    Download on the App Store Android App on Google Play

Not yet signed up for online banking?
Contact us today and we’ll get you set up in minutes. Don’t miss out on discovering what freedom is for you.

What’s the difference?
To view a comparison of the banking experience (online, mobile, app), view our Functionality Comparison Guide.

Credit Union Online Security Guarantee
In the unlikely event you experience a loss resulting from a transaction through an online banking, that you did not authorize, we offer an Online Banking Security Guarantee for account losses provided you have met your security responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions
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