NOTICE: e-transfers Fees

Effective August e-transfers fees will apply as noted below when monthly chequing fees are applied to members accounts. Up to this point all e-transfers were charged to the account as an additional fee for each e-transfer.

  • Your Chequing (Basic): pay per transactions with 4 free e-transfers
  • Your Chequing 15, including Your Senior 15: e-transfers are included in the 15 transactions (for example if a member did 5 e-transfers and 10 other transactions, the e-transfers are free)
  • Your Chequing 40 including Your Senior 40: e-transfers included in the 40 transactions (for example if a member did 5 e-transfers and 35 other transactions, the e-transfers are free)
  • Your Chequing Electronic including Your Electronic Senior: Electronic transactions as per product +10 free e-transfers
  • Your Chequing Unlimited including Your Senior Unlimited: Unlimited transactions as per product+ 12 free e-transfers
  • Savings accounts: no change, $1.50 per e-transfer
NOTICE: Service Fee (November 12, 2019)

PSCU regularly reviews its account packages and service fees to ensure we remain competitive and offer value to our members. Our fees for chequing and saving accounts were last changed January 1, 2016, four years ago. We are pleased to announce that we are maintaining the same monthly chequing package fees at this time. However to align our transaction fees on chequing and savings accounts with other financial institutions in the marketplace we are increasing these fees by twenty-five cents ($0.25) for individual transactions. This change assists your credit union with offsetting increasing cost from our providers for new and enhanced services as well as regular services to you. A full summary of our chequing and savings fees, comparing the January 1, 2016 and the fees effective January 1, 2020 is provided below.

Please review our website for the full suite of products and services especially those offered in recent years related to providing you with the convenience of 24/7 services through online banking, such as Interac Online, Deposit Anywhere, E-transfer Withdrawal, E-transfer Auto Deposit, using your desktop, mobile and tablet. We would be happy to assess your banking needs by phone 1-709-579-8210 or email at

We value the contribution our members make to Public Service Credit Union and the opportunity to continue to provide financial solutions to our members.

NOTICE: New Fee 

Effective May 1, 2014 PSCU will introduce a new fee for incoming Interac E Transfer, $1.50 per transaction. This replaces the fee at $0.00 per transaction which was effective since 2012.

NOTICE: CUMIS Monthly Premium Insurance Rate Adjustments

Notice to members who have CUMIS Monthly Premium Insurance on a line of credit: rate adjustment effective November 1, 2013.

You have made a wise choice enrolling for Creditor Insurance on your line of credit loan to protect you and your family against life’s unforeseen events. You will continue to have peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected.

If you currently have Life Insurance coverage on a line of credit loan with an authorization limit less than or equal to $50,000 and if you are aged 51 or older, your rates are being adjusted on November 1, 2013. This will result in an increase in your Life Insurance premium. If you are under the age of 51 your rates will not be impacted until your 51st birthdate. Also note if you have Disability Insurance coverage on your line of credit loan, the disability rate will increase by 10%.

You will receive a notification letter from CUMIS to advise you of this rate adjustment which will outline your current and new premium rate per $1,000 of life and disability* insurance coverage.

It’s important to remember that life can be unpredictable and being prepared for the unexpected is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones. Creditor Insurance, provided by our partner, CUMIS, provides peace of mind that is priceless.

If you have any questions once you receive your notification letter from CUMIS, please contact CUMIS Customer Service at 1.800.263.9120. They have representatives available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. For additional information on our creditor insurance partner, CUMIS, you can also visit their website at

*applicable if you have disability insurance coverage.

NOTICE: MasterCard®

MasterCard® Worldwide has discontinued the Master Road Assist Service in Canada