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Management Directory:

Brian Quilty Chief Executive Officer
Ian Barrett Manager of Finance
Kimberly Hickey Manager of Credit and Operations

Staff Directory:

Wanda Keats FSO-Loans & Mortgages
Lisa Quirk FSO-Loans & Mortgages
Joanne Cooper FSO-Investments
Wanda Learning Loan Reception
Cathy Clarke FSR
Kostadin Manolov FSR
Trudy Pike FSR
Karen Fry FSR
Braydon Scammell FSR
Nichole Manning Account Service Rep
Michele Thomson Internal Control

Help Line - Toll Free Hotline Numbers:

    Toll Free
Blue Cross Travel Health Plan 1-709-739-7550 1-800-527-0218
Choice Rewards Travel Program 1-888-264-3031
Collabria 1-647-252-9564 1-855-341-4643
CUMIS (Life & Disability Claims) 1-800-263-9120
Concentra Financial 1-800-788-6311
Co-operators Insurance 1-800-978-1234
Credit union debit card 1-888-277-1043
Equifax (Lost/Stolen Identification) 1-866-828-5961
MemberDirect Assistance (Sonoma) 1-888-273-3488
Public Service Credit Union 1-709-579-8210 1-800-563-6755
Bell Internet/Customer service 1-800-773-2121
TIC Travel Insurance (agency code 2794) 1-877-885-2847
Trans Union Of Canada Inc (St. John's) 1-709-754-3992
Travel Rebate Program 1-800-699-0545
TeleService/TelPay 1-902-493-4800 1-800-963-4848