Rebates And Dividends

Rebates to Members

it pays to be a member

It pays to be a member of the Public Service Credit Union! For two consecutive fiscal years we have paid rebates:

2019 $200,000
2018 $350,000

In 2018 PSCU reached a milestone by meeting its long-term capital goal of 10% of assets. This level of capitalization ensures our Credit Union's ability to withstand turbulent economic years and enables us to avail of opportunities for healthy growth. In 2018 we achieved that goal, thanks to years of hard work by our management and staff, and most importantly the loyalty of our members. For many years our net income has primarily been retained on the Balance Sheet.

As a result of this financial success, the Board of Directors approved $350,000 rebate to its members for the excess capital above the 10% for the fiscal year 2018.

2019 marked another successful year for PSCU and its members. PSCU continued to maintain its capital of 10% and as a result the Board of Directors approved a $200,000 rebate to its members.

Rebates are paid to members based on interest earned on deposit accounts and interest paid on loan accounts by the member. These funds are paid into member’s 05 share account except for any registered products (RRSP, RRIF, TFSA) which it would be paid into a variable RRSP and TFSA.